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Sunday, 23 March 2014

11 Shape-Shifting Fruits and Vegetables

11 Shape-Shifting Fruits and Vegetables

Sometimes our carrots just don't want to be carrots. They want to be bigger, grander, and something definitely not carrot-shaped. Carrots aren't the only ones; it's now our eggplants, tomatoes, and practically anything else classified as fruits and vegetables. They're the new breed of shape-shifters, and they're actually pretty neat.  Here are 11 shape-shifting fruits and vegetables for you to admire. Would you want to eat any of them?

A long-faced eggplant

A duck-shaped squash

A "strawbeary"

A tomato rabbit

A duck-shaped marrow squash

A running radish

A devilish tomato

An eggplant with a nose

A bear-shaped potato

A suave daikon radish

A tomato that looks like a duck

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