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Monday, 24 March 2014

15 People Who Do Things A Bit Differently

15 People Who Do Things A Bit Differently

We tend to laugh at people who do things a bit differently, probably because it's not what most people do. But why should we condemn those people? Hey, sometimes different is nice. Sure, it's kind of funny how extravagant it is, but you also have to simultaneously appreciate it.  Ready to be envious and also have a good chuckle? Here are 15 people who do things a bit differently.

If he wants an iMac there then he'll have an iMac there!

Winter? Time to surf. 

He's cool in his own personal way

Pet dog? Boring. Pet CRAB.

Segway + Buzz Lightyear Costume = Awesome

I wish to live my life as a bat

Someone give me a ball right now!

I refuse to wear the same thing as everyone else

When sitting "normally" isn't enough

Johnny Bravo clone
Best. Fan. Ever.

Dear Crab man, I have one upped you

I hold an umbrella whatever way I want to hold it


Best yearbook picture ever

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