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Sunday, 23 March 2014

7 Creative Ideas to Utilize Storage to Get You Organized!

7 Creative Ideas to Utilize Storage to Get You Organized!

If there's one thing every homeowner always needs, it would be storage. We always have a never-ending accumulation of stuff. Who knows what it is. It's just stuff. As we tell ourselves we'll eventually clean it out (it never happens), the stockpile continues to grow. To help you on your path to organization, here are 7 creative ideas to utilize storage ideas!

1. Vertical storage in kitchens are underrated. Make intelligent use of it and implement some in smaller spots!

2. Under the staircase is one of the most underutilized spaces. You can do so many things with it but what about turning them into drawers? Extra storage that's hidden!

3. Part of storage utilization is using every inch of space if you need it. What about above the doorway? Make your bookcase go above it and utilize that space. 

4. We all have mirrors but a great way to turn that mirror into an intelligent storage solution idea is by having one that also opens and has space for jewelry and the like. It's like a medicine cabinet but for accessories!

5. Another great idea to store kitchen items is by turning the space under your dining bench into drawers.

6. So maybe you don't have space underneath your staircase to turn into drawers. How about turning the stairs into drawers? 

7. Smart storage sometimes is about utilizing space you would never normally think of putting storage. A fantastic way is to use the empty space around the bathtub.

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