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Tuesday, 25 March 2014

7 Ways to Conceal Power Cords and Make them Decorative!

7 Ways to Conceal Power Cords and Make them Decorative!
Power cords are a necessary, yet ugly, evil. Sometimes there's really not much you can do to hide them because the placement of most power outlets never works out in your interior design's favor. Instead of having big black cords hanging from your walls or dragging across the room, learn to conceal them in a way that will make them a part of your furniture and your decor!

Here are seven ways to conceal your power cords and turn them into decorative pieces!

1. Colored Wrap

This is great for power cords that have to be dragged across your entire living room floor. Simply wrap each wire with colored string and braid the wires together!

2. Colored Electrical Tape

This is a quick and easy solution to making your cords bright and colorful!

3. Washi Tape

Washi tape allows you to create your own design on your cords!

4. Fire-Safe Rope Wrap

This is for the home that likes to keep things natural and rustic!

5. Nature's Accents
Add a whimsical and sweet touch to any ugly looking cord that's creeping its way up your wall!

6. Wall Art 
Use the cord themselves to create fun shapes and funky art on your wall!

7. Box Cord Cover
Hollow out a box (like the green ones below) and place them where you have an abundance of cords! It will look like it was purposely meant to be there and no one will know about those knotty, pesky wires.

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