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Tuesday, 18 March 2014

What Mind-Blowing Movie Scenes Look Like in Real Life

What Mind-Blowing Movie Scenes Look Like in Real Life

I know your mom probably always told you "don't worry, it's just a movie" when you tried sleeping after your mom warned you not to go see that scary movie but you did anyway. Those words have stuck in your mind into your adult years and I'm sure you know that mostly everything is computer generated. What you don't know though is just how much is computer generated. It will blow your mind when you see these before and after images of movie scenes that look so fantastical after CGI and so bland before it.  Here is the bare honest truth of what jaw-dropping scenes and action-packed moments in multi-million dollar movies look like before they're released to the public:

The Life of Pi

Just kidding. He's not even in the ocean, let alone near a real tiger.

Nope, not actually playing with cool, futuristic gadgets.
Wolf of Wall Street

Are you kidding me? Do you think they're made of money? (ha!) They stayed in Los Angeles and green screened it.

Grand scenes of the bright and shiny New York City...

Aren't that bright and shiny in reality


Superman flying is obviously fake but you forget that when you're staring in his beautiful eyes (I may have a slight crush. Whoever doesn't is in denial!)

But really, he looked absolutely ridiculous.

His iron suit is actually a unitard... well that's anti-climactic.
Alice in Wonderland

Whimsical and fantastical Wonderland is nothing but a lot of green stuff and weird looking props.
The Hunger Games
Oh, you thought their tables were cool? Buy a green table and you can have one of your own.

The Avengers 

Just two cabs and a car. Surprise!

Scarlett Johanssen being awesome as always
but really she's piggy-backing on an actual guy
The Dark Knight Rises
You know those 80,000 people in the stands? Yeah, it was just four people filmed at a time.

The blown up field didn't actually look like this (obviously)
With added props like debris...
They were able to recreate digitally a life-like explosion
It's amazing to pull yourself out of that awe-struck moment during a really cool movie scene and just fully realize and appreciate all the work that actually goes into them. Some of these are quite funny and ridiculous looking but what else did I expect? Real explosions? Hopefully this doesn't ruin your future movie experiences!
We tried our best to track down the original sources for each image, if any of these are improperly sourced, let us know!

Collage Source: 1) Warner Bros. 2) Warner Bros. 3)  YouTube

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