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Wednesday, 16 April 2014

12 Things You Should Throw Out Right Now

12 Things You Should Throw Out Right Now

We're usually all about upcycling and repurposing, but sometimes there are things you absolutely have to throw out. Not everything has a long shelf life, and not everything can be turned into an adorable upcycled DIY craft. It's sad, I know.  Here are 12 things you should throw out right now:

1. Expired makeup

Makeup doesn't last forever, which is such a let-down, considering how much it costs. Lipstick only lasts two years, while blush lasts for 18 months, eyeshadow and nail polish last 12 months, and mascara and eyeliner only last for three months. So sad.

2. Dish sponge

When was the last time you replaced your dish sponge? You should be replacing them every month, plus regularly sanitizing them in the microwave or dishwasher.

3. Your Teflon pan

If your teflon pan is scratched, you should immediately stop cooking with it. Those little flakes will get into your food and who knows what it can do. Replace your teflon with a similar pan, or better yet, cast iron.

4. Old spices

If you can't remember the last time you bought new spices, you should probably toss them. Spices don't spoil, but they certainly do lose their strength. It's recommended you throw out your ground spices after two years, and four years for whole spices.

5. Your pillows

You've probably had your favorite pillow for years, but did you know that after a few years, a third of your pillow's weight will be made up of bugs, dead skin, and dust mite feces. That's not pleasant. To be safe, you should purchase a new pillow every three years (pillows are never really the same after you wash them).

6. Your contact lenses

When did you last swap your contact lenses? Studies show that 40% of people wear contacts past the recommended time. Gross. If you don't swap your contacts regularly, you could be risking severe infection.

7. Your contact lens case

While you're at it, toss your contact lens case. Approximately 80% of contact lenses are contaminated with bacteria, including fecal matter. Unless you have an awesome sanitizer, replace out your contact lens case every three months.

8. Old batteries
You probably have a few old batteries in your junk drawer, but you really can't (and shouldn't) craft with them. Don't toss them out though, bring them to a local recycling center. Big box tech stores often have battery disposals too.

9. Old paint

If you've had your can of paint open for a few years, there's a chance it won't even be the same color anymore. Do not throw out your old paint, though. You can dispose of your paint at your local fire station or local recycling center.

10. Your toothbrush
 When did you last replace your toothbrush? Can't remember? You should be replacing your toothbrush every three months. That may seem pretty frequent, but just remember that it's sharing a room with a toilet.

11. Your loofah

You use your loofah to stay clean, but you probably haven't thought much about replacing it. Doesn't the soap clean it? Nope. Their nooks and crannies make them the perfect spot for bacteria to breed, so it's best to replace them every three weeks.

12. Expired canned food
There's absolutely no reason to hang on to expired food, so throw them away.

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