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Wednesday 2 April 2014

19 Awesome Perfectly Timed Photos to Boost your Day

18 Awesome Perfectly Timed Photos to Boost your Day

Perfectly timed photos are the best thing ever. They really capture a special moment that would otherwise be fleeting and hilariousness always seems to follow suit. These perfectly timed photos were dependent on not only timing but also angle. Seriously, some of these are too cute for words and others are side-splittingly amusing. Here are some perfectly timed photos to make your day just a little better!

1. God, thank you for all my food and my furry otter family. Amen.

2. Did you take it yet?! I'm starting to get shaky, man. 

3. Stop! You shall not pass.

4. Just having a nice smoke before picking worms.

5. Well, someone's a little bit of a show-off.

6. Surfs up, dude.

7. Three-headed moose exist...only in this moment though.

8. Excuse me, I'm trying to read.

9. Brah, did we just become scuba diving best friends?!

10. It's nice to see whale etiquette still exists.

11. Well that's not freaky at all.

12. Say Ahhhhh!

13. That's one tiny helicopter.


15. Well, the sky is looking a bit devilish.

16. Umm, where are you going? Wait, are you levitating?!

17. Get out of my picture, human.

18. These calories should last me all winter!

19. So perfectly timed, the poor guy didn't even have a chance to react.

Isn't life just full of little hilarious fleeting moments? Think to yourself how many times you've thought to yourself immediately after something happened "darn, I wish I had my camera with me", I say start taking your camera wherever you go! 

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