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Thursday 26 June 2014

10 Gadgets the Traveling Geek Cannot Miss Out On

10 Gadgets the Traveling Geek Cannot Miss Out On

There’s never been a better time to become technologically savvy than now. With all the new versions of new cell phones and new apps popping up in the radar, it’s been hard to grasp onto the more rugged gadgets that seem rather outdated. Believe it or not, these obsolete gizmos will actually take you the extra mile with quirks that apps cannot fulfill.

1. The Optimus Prime of Cameras : Olympus Stylus Tough-8010

This sweet camera is a transformer of habitats. From 33-feet underwater to 6.6-feet in the air this is a companion that will follow you to all ends of the Earth—literally. It is freeze-proof up until negative 10 degrees Celsius and crush-proof up to 220 pounds of pressure. Not only is it durable, but it also provides a 2.7-inch LCD display with the ability to capture video in 720p HD.

 2. World’s Smallest Book Light : The Really Tiny Book Light

A portable light that can be clipped onto the pages of any adventure for late-night reading sessions.

3. The All-in-One : Grid – It
If you're a stickler for neat tidy spots then this will indulge your inner clean freak. This weave of rubber bands holds together all your tech-y travel essentials for the go.

4. Paperless Pen : LIX 3D Printing Penn  
Ever dream of your drawings coming to life? Well, now you can do just that. This pen gives you the ability to draw in the third dimension, transforming the 3D printer into a condensed form of normal proportions.

 5. Jawbone Jambox
You may never guess what this gadget is until you hear it speak, or more so—sing. The Jawbone Jambox allows you to carry your speakers in a near pocket size without sacrificing the great quality of sound.

6. Belle Hop Travel Door Alarm from Lewis N. Clark  

There’s no shame in the paranoia that creeps in during those sleepless nights in hotels. But thankfully, there’s a way to soothe the anxiety that keeps you from being about to sleep peacefully. This nifty door alarm will ring at a high-pitched volume of 91 dB if your hotel door room is opened.

7. Pebble Smart Watch
This is a neat way to check the vital things that’s happening on your phone without having to touch it! This new smart watch will save you from those intimidating glares from your boss during a meeting as you check your texts, calls and emails.

8. Heys xScale Pro

Ever find that traveling suitcases were a pain to measure on your old-school weight machine? This apt device allows you to measure the weight of anything up to 50 kg.

 9. Philips Rechargeable Power Pack

This charging device isn’t exclusive only to one, device but rather functions on a multitude of them.  It’s a safeguard to have in case you end up running short on battery power during long travel periods.

 10. Heys eCase
Lastly, but always as importantly, something to carry all your lovely gadgets in. This Heys eCase contains a three-digit combination lock that will keep your belongings secured and safe.

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