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Friday 20 June 2014

15 Fun and Exciting Things To Do With Balloons

15 Fun and Exciting Things To Do With Balloons
What's a party without balloons? It's not really a party at all, is it? Make every day a party with these 15 fun and exciting things to do with balloons: 
1. Make a fruit balloon garland
 2. Give your mason jars a pop of color
 3. Create a mini vase in just a couple seconds
 4. Get crafty and make a papier mache bowl
 5. Make a DIY Surprise Box to brighten someone's day
 6. Fill up balloons with water and freeze to keep drinks cool
 7. Finish off your gift wrapping with a balloon bow
 8. Create ghostly pinatas
 9. Make a creative invitation for your next party
 10. Add pom-poms to your balloons
 11. Make a hot air balloon centerpiece
 12. Make DIY juggling balls
 13. Create a bubblegum Valentine
 14. Make a DIY yarn chandelier
 15. Get ready for the beach with balloon flip flops

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