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Tuesday 17 June 2014

The 12 Best Vegetables for Container Gardening

The 12 Best Vegetables for Container Gardening

When you lack the space in your backyard to grow a proper vegetable garden, there's no reason to go without your own homegrown vegetables. There are other ways to create your own garden even without a plot of land, like container gardening. Containers and pots can easily sit on your porch or balcony so you won't have to worry about having enough space. The only downside is that not all vegetables are suited to this type of environment. Not to worry, though, we've compiled a list of the 12 best vegetables for container gardening:

1. Carrots
For container gardening, you'll want to choose a smaller variety of carrot with a smaller mature size. You should opt for a container than is more than 12" deep so there is lots of room to grow.

2. Cucumbers
Check your seed packets for cucumber varieties that are suitable for container gardening. It is also recommended to choose containers that are over 12" deep.
3. Peas
Both English peas and sugar snap peas work well for container gardening. As always, the bigger the pot, the better.

4. Green onions
Green onions are a very versatile plant and can grow even in a glass of water! For container gardening, you'll want a pot at least six inches deep and some good quality potting soil

5. Beets
Beets can grown in almost any climate or soil condition, so they're perfect for container gardens. They'll need a container at least 10 inches deep and need plenty of sunlight.

6. Lettuce
You can grow lettuce in practically any container, as long as it has good drainage. In fact, a colander is a perfect spot.

7. Tomatoes
For tomatoes, the bigger the container, the better. Some gardening experts recommend a five gallon bucket.

8. Potatoes
For potatoes, it's recommended that you go for a container as large as possible. Make sure there's plenty of drainage and sunlight, too.

9. Beans
Pole beans need at least eight inches of soil, whereas bush beans need at least six inches of soil, so the size of pot or container depends on the type you choose.

10. Radishes
Radishes are very easy to grow in containers, and can be grown in a relatively shallow container (four inches deep is the minimum).

11. Peppers
You can grow most varieties of peppers in containers, from chili peppers to bell peppers.

 12. Eggplant
It is recommended to use the smaller cultivar eggplants for container growing. They require large, well-draining containers to support the roots, plus extra food and consistent watering.
Source: The Self-Sufficient Living

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