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Monday, 21 July 2014

Some of the Most Stellar Statues from all Around the World

Some of the Most Stellar Statues from all Around the World

The world is full of amazing works of art of all kinds of arts which inspires the whole world and amazes everyone who sees them, in this article we are viewing the world’s most awe-inspiring statues you’d ever find, these statues aren’t ordinary statues, or statues for public or historic figures, but statues which has a great meaning into their inanimate bodies. Just watch the upcoming photos and you’ll read what these wonderful statues say silently.

‘Mustangs’ Las Colinas, Texas - USA

‘Expansion by Paige Bradley’ New York - USA

 ‘The Monument of an Anonymous Passerby’ Wroclaw - Poland

‘Salmon Sculpture’ Portland, Oregon - USA

 ‘People Of The River’ in Singapore

‘People Of The River’ in Singapore
 “The Knotted Gun” Turtle Bay, New York - USA
“Break Through From Your Mold” 

“Black Ghost” Klaipeda - Lithuania

“Les Voyageurs” Marseilles - France

“Nelson Mandela” South Africa

  “De Vaartkapoen” Brussels - Belgium

  “Cattle Drive” Dallas, Texas - USA

“Hippo Sculptures” Taipei - Taiwan

“Sinking Building Outside State Library” Melbourne - Australia

“Man at Work” Bratislava – Slovakia

“Mihai Eminescu” Onesti - Romania

 “Man Hanging Out” Prague - Czech Republic

“Rundle Mall Pigs” Adelaide – Australia

“The Shark” Oxford - UK

“The Unknown Official” Reykjavik - Iceland

 “Kelpies” Grangemouth - UK

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