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Monday, 7 July 2014

Wonderful photos of insects wearing morning’s glowing dews

Morning has its own charming weather, the cold breathes, the moisture and the lovely dews which appears on tree leafs, grass and all the surfaces on earth, it looks beautiful and it glows in a catchy way specially on the tiniest insects, but it can’t be seen but through macro photography which enlarges objects and emerges their tiniest details.

Helped us in seeing these unseen details, the French photographer “David Chambon” which is a highly professional photographer specialized in wildlife photography and in macro insect photography, he has photographed many unbelievably beautiful photos of insects in many techniques, and in many conditions, that’s something he lived on for the past ten years.

And in this article we are viewing his professional photography of the tiny insects in the morning which covered by tiny dews that glows under the sunshine in a magical way.

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