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Tuesday, 5 August 2014

20 Reasons Why Kids Are Pretty Much The Worst

20 Reasons Why Kids Are Pretty Much The Worst

Ok, so kids aren't the worst, but they are capable of doing some really terrible things. And since they're kids, they have no remorse. So whether it's making everything in their path blue, or finding themselves stuck in the fish tank, they're keeping life interesting yet very, very messy. 

Here are 20 reasons why kids are pretty much the worst (but we still love them):

1. They can't resist tormenting the cat

2. They have no shame in doing this 

3. They find your cake unacceptable

4. They know where to find the permanent markers

5. They find milk unnecessary 

6. They wind up in the strangest places

7. They're not content with what they have

8. They won't leave the freezer without their Bagel Bites

9. They know how to cool off on a hot summer's day

10. They do one better than a milk mustache 

11. They know how to ruin a photo

12. They find your hair accessories unacceptable

13. They know how to ruin a birthday

14. They're the reason you never have toilet paper when you need it

15. They think they're fish 

16. They know what they want 

17. They're literally the worst people to invite to a tea party

18. They take lazy to the next level

19. They turn everything in their path blue

20. They find the most disgusting places to get stuck

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