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Tuesday, 19 August 2014

A Wonderfully Floating Hotel Room With a Bedroom That Lies Underwater

A Wonderfully Floating Hotel Room With a Bedroom That Lies Underwater

This amazing view is of a floating hotel room that’s a part of the “Manta Resort” which is located on Pemba Island – Tanzania, the “Manta Resort” has other 16 rooms besides this detached one which is 250 meter far from it, and it consists of three floors with a lovely rooftop deck that fits for night stargazing and for morning sunbathing, it also has its bathroom, a lounge area that levels sea area, and an 13 feet underwater bedroom where residence can see from its windows the swimming fishes everywhere into the Indian Ocean.

The hotel room has night spotlights right beneath the windows so that it attracts lovely sea creatures such as octopuses and squids which crawls on the windows at night for curiosity, but not more than that, as the hotel room is located in a very safe spot in the sea called “The Blue Hole” and its known with its coral reefs. 

This wonderful hotel room is designed by the Swedish company “Genberg Underwater Hotels” which has created several hotels and hotel room around the world, which many tourists dream of spending some time in them.

Here are some photos of the wonderful floating hotel room in Tanzania.

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