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Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Types of kisses – how many have you tried?

Types of kisses – how many have you tried?

Kissing is one of the most passionate ways to express your love for someone. It is not just an act of intimacy but at times, kissing can even make or break a relationship, especially if it is in the nascent stage. Even people in long-term relationships crave for kisses to keep the fire burning. Still don’t believe us? Well, according to a study conducted by the Department of Experimental Psychology at Oxford University, kissing helps us judge potential partners and plays a vital role in a partner staying around. Since it is of prime importance, it makes sense to have some variety in the way we kiss. Here are a few types of kisses:

Butterfly kiss

Technically, a butterfly kiss doesn’t really involve kissing but is a rather sweet gesture to show how much you love someone. In this type, you come close to your partner in a manner that your eyelashes touch each other’s and then bat them gently against one another’s.

French kiss

Perhaps the most hyped style of kissing, the French kiss is an open-mouthed kiss which involves the use of tongue. Both the partners first lock their lips and then slowly open their mouth to access each other’s tongues. This type of kissing is quite intense and if you want to take things slow, you may want to refrain from this one in the first go.

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Types of kisses – how many have you tried?

Spiderman kiss

This one’s easy to guess if you’ve seen the Spiderman movies. Remember how Peter Parker and MJ kiss in an alley? He hangs upside-down and she takes off his mask and kisses him. Also called the reverse kiss, you need to be lying in the opposite direction as your lover, so that only your faces or rather lips touch each other. You can cup each other’s face while kissing.

Types of kisses – how many have you tried?


You don’t always need passionate lovemaking; at times, even a peck on the cheek or lips can do the trick. Simply kiss anywhere on the body, by gently grazing your lips against them. you can even give someone multiple pecks to build the mood and then move to more intense and longer kisses.

Types of kisses – how many have you tried?

The hickey

Also called a love-bite, a hickey involves kissing someone by licking on an area which leaves it red for some time. One of the oft-preferred areas is the side of the neck but this can be quite visible which could cause embarrassment so make sure both of you are fine with it before giving each other a hickey which can be easily seen by others.

Eskimo kiss

Don’t want to really kiss yet to express your love? Try the Eskimo kiss in which both partners rub their noses against one another’s. This makes for a simple gesture to show affection towards the other person.

Types of kisses – how many have you tried?

Cheek-to-cheek kiss
This kiss is mostly used on social occasions to greet someone in a friendly manner. In this type of kiss, you gently brush your cheek against the other person’s cheek first on one side and then the other whilst making a pout with your lips.

Types of kisses – how many have you tried?

Earlobe kiss

In this type, all you have to do is gently tug your partner’s earlobe with your lips. This can be quite sensual and you can set the mood right with this kiss. Do it a couple of times and then move on to some of the other types of kisses mentioned above.


Types of kisses – how many have you tried?

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