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Monday, 21 September 2015

13 Drunken Ideas That Failed Spectacularly

13 Drunken Ideas That Failed Spectacularly

We're all geniuses when we're a little intoxicated. Some of my best ideas have come when I'm two beers deep, and at that point I'll share those ideas with anyone who will listen. While some ideas are sure to be a success, they can still end in failure if they aren't executed properly. Here's to all those out there who tried their best to make their drunk ideas work out, but ultimately fell flat on their face in the end.

1. Pizza's always a good idea

But sometimes it's best just to order it instead of trusting in your ability to stay awake.

2. Of course, even ordering a pizza can go wrong
Clearly, there were no mathematicians on hand to solve this problem.
3. Isn't this how evolution started?
Gotta give them bonus points for the total lack of blood that was spilled.
4. At least he got the beer through the door
The rest of him? Not so much.
5. There seems to be a connection between drinking and pizza
Not gonna lie, that looks pretty delicious.
6. Shopping can go one of two ways
The important thing is to be prideful in your purchases.
7. Clearly, he was dreaming about food
I wouldn't even be mad. That's amazing
8. Kool-Aid Man in training
You know he screamed "Oh Yeah!!!" before falling to the ground.
9. Acting out on a plane rarely works
This is why we can't have nice things
10. Never go to sleep without a pillow
Again, pizza proves to be the most resourceful thing you'll ever need.
11. We get it! Drunk people want their food
Which is why every fast food joint stays open late.
12. This definitely seemed like a good idea
But just based on the look of it, I'll pass.
13. Don't email your prof from the bar
Even when it works out, it doesn't work.

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