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Wednesday, 9 September 2015

This artist makes free TATTOOS for hurt women.

The brilliant tattoo artist, Flavia Carvalho, is on the mission to bring beauty and empowerment to hurt women. She is fighting against domestic violence and mastectomies as well, hence she is a great source of motivation for women left with scars on their bodies from knives and bullets. The name of her project is “A Pele da Flor” (The Skin of the Flower).
Flavia Carvalho owns a studio in Curitiba, Brasil. She said in her interview, “I started the project quite recently, and I had no idea it would receive this much media attention. It began very spontaneously. As I said, my services are a hundred percent voluntary, and the only “cost” women need to invest is to choose a design for their tattoos!”

Flavia said that she started this project around 2 years back when one of her client wanted to hide a huge scar on her abdomen.

This tattoo beautifully covered the bullet scar.

And upon deciding a breakup with her, he invited her in a meeting. As they began to fight, the man stabbed her repeatedly in her abdomen and raped her violently.

The most shocking story was of a 17 year old girl who kept on dating with an old man, and had been under physically abusive relationship for months. 

The client told her the reason that once when she was returning from a nightclub, a man approached her and was turned down by her. That man mercilessly stabbed her with a switchblade.

Flavia also have marvelous designs for women undergoing mastectomy.

When Flavia completed her tattoo, the woman was extremely amused with it and that really touched Flavia.

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