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Wednesday, 28 October 2015

10 inspiring quotes from Mark Zuckerberg's townhall at IIT-Delhi

Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg on Wednesday said that his mission is to connect everyone in India to the internet.  Zuckerberg on Wednesday hosted a townhall at Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi where around 900 students attended the Q&A session. 
At the session, he said that India has the second highest users of Facebook in the world, which presents a good opportunity to develop the economy.
"Connecting people in India is one of the most important things we can do for the world. Our mission is to connect everyone in the world," he added. 
Here are 10 inspiring quotes Mark Zuckerberg said at the session you wouldn't want to miss:
* We are all human, no one is perfect. Focus not on the mistakes but as much good as you can. It was all trial and error. You cannot be afraid of making mistakes.
* Companies that get started with more co-founders are likely to be more successful.
* All great companies started with people who cared about something. None of the people who built big companies thought that they would be as big as they ended up being.
* I built the first version of Facebook because I wanted to connect to people in my school.
* Back then it didn’t even occur to me that one day the entire world would be using it. We just kept doing the next thing
* People say that I built Facebook, Steve Jobs built Apple, but that's not true. No one person can do that.
* Technology enables people to have supernatural powers. What we are working with Oculus is that we are allowing people to teleport.
* We are working on a project where AI (artificial intelligence) can describe photos to blind people.
* There are three reasons why people don’t have access- Availability, Affordability and the biggest - Awareness.
* You can't connect the world without connecting India.

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