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Wednesday, 28 October 2015

11 Makeup Tips To Help You Embrace Those Freckles

Freckles are often one of those things that when you have them, you may get annoyed with them and when you don't, you want them. I am 100% in the latter camp. I have almost zero freckles but a few, or even a face-full can be so charming! Just look at Emma Stone! Her charm is amplified tenfold because of those freckles. Now, if you are lucky enough to be endowed with such beautiful freckles, you may not realize how many opportunities you have. Get in the know, consider these 12 tips, and embrace those freckles!
1. For a night out on the town, go for a seductive smoky eye.

2. Use contrast to your advantage with rosy cheeks, a couple coats of mascara, and pink or red lipstick.

3. Keep your summer glow for longer by highlighting the corners of your eyes and your cheekbones. If you're feeling crazy, apply a bit of bronzer too.

4. Compliment your freckles with a peach blush and a bright pink lipstick.

5. For a natural tone, but not a pasty complexion, try a tinted moisturizer or BB cream. For protection from the sun, get one with an SPF of 20.

6. Don't be afraid of bronzer! It can add depth to your skin tone but avoid bronzers of the glittery variety because they will detract from your lovely features.

7. When picking out a shade of eye shadow, pick one that differs from the color of your freckles to better bring out your features and showcase the shape of your eyes.

8. No one ever said that freckles and contouring don't mix. This trend will look great on freckled skin but make sure to stick with very neutral tones.

9. Go easy on the rest of your makeup and let your lips do the talking. The drama will accent the freckles nicely.

10. You can't go wrong with a fierce cat eye.

11. And on days when none of these 11 options appeal to you, just go au natural because you know you can work it.

Main Image Source:  LeutwylerCollage Source: Stylecaster

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