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Monday, 19 October 2015

11 Of The Most Funniest Google Auto Complete Fails

11 Of The Most Funniest Google Auto Complete Fails

Google has become a basic need in our daily lives or you can say that we want Google to survive 
From looking out for nearby hangout places to reading books online, it provides with all facilities. It is an answer to our every query. Every time when any person asks what is this means ? then we simply answer GOOGLE IT
It stands on Number 3 in the list of Forbes most valuable brands.
Here are 11 funny mistakes or auto-fillers which will make you laugh hard

1. Immortals
How wrong 

2. Yes or NO ??

Wanna wear underpants over your trousers 

3. Incredible plot
Cat’s plot

4. Save animals
Rhino on sale …wanna buy ??

5. The gifted meat
very wrong

6. Curious guy
Help me

7. Real hero
Enduring disease

8. Virgin vampire
108 years old virgin….so long

9. Legs on Chair
Amazing Imaginaton…. creative :P:P

10. Robots
Crumby  terror of Robots

11. A Journey to the Centre of Earth
Magical way to Reach

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