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Thursday, 8 October 2015

11 Scenes In Baahubali Before And After Visual Effects

11 Scenes In Baahubali Before And After Visual Effects

Baahubali jumps from one higher altitude cliff to another where Tamanna is standing at a relatively lower altitude cliff. VFX really does marvels

Baahubali Prabhas nearly reaching the lower altitude cliff where Tamanna is seen standing. This scene is shot from a different angle

The rocks and scenery behind changes using VFX looks extra-ordinary in the film.

Prabhas Climbing a Rock amidst Waterfalls

Prabhas behind Tamanna at the highest point of the Waterfall Peak

Prabhas Swinging through water with the help of a tree branch

Prabhas backward dive cutting through obstacles

Prabhas climbing with the help of a suspended tree branch

Prabhas slips and falls downwards along with the waterfalls

One of the best takes in the song Dheevara. Prabhas shoots an arrow reversely suspended in the air

Prabhas freely suspends himself with help of a rope tied to the cliff which was shot earlier by an arrow

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