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Tuesday, 13 October 2015

12 Funny St. Paddy's Tees

12 Funny St. Paddy's Tees

Don't get pinched this St. Paddy's Day! These fun, unisex tees will get you compliments and laughs like crazy. And, you won't be the only person who might have forgotten to wear green. 
1. In dog beers....

2. Be punny and current.

3. What do you wish for? 

4. Never say never

5. Make a movie reference

6. What do you...shamrock? 

7. When in doubt, a Star Wars reference. 

8. It's all about the beard

9. Make it a baseball tee. 

10. Nothing better than some Lucky Charms.

11. I mustache you a question

12. Are you though?

Collage Source: 1. Skreened 2.  Zazzle 3.  Etsy/Pixel Guppy

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