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Wednesday, 28 October 2015

12 Incredible Street Art Illusions That'll Have You Questioning Reality

Public art can change everything about a given city. No matter the size--from mid-sized cities to large urban metropolises--the right type of creative displays can turn a place round, attract inhabitants, and make it more livable in general. On top of all that, it's just really, really cool to see! 
Now, that's an understatement in regards to what we're about to talk about. Have you ever seen 3D street art? As in when the literal, physical street is transformed through paint or chalk and pure talent in order to look like something entirely different. Not sure what I mean? Well, go forth and be amazed! 

1. "Batman and Robin to the Rescue" by Julian Beever. 

See! Is this mind blowing or what?

2. "About to meet Mr. Newt" by Julian Beever. 

Adorable and unbelievable! 

3. "White Water Rafting" by Julian Beever. 

I honestly  think the crocodile would actually frighten people here.

4. "Three Worlds" by Julian Beever. 

This one is beyond incredible. Also, it's a tribute M.C. Escher, fitting!

5. "Tribute to Mount Fuji" by Edgar Mueller. 

Positively beautiful. It's like you could climb it. 

6. "The Tree" by Edgar Mueller. 

Seriously? This tree...this tree. 

7. "Waterfall" by Edgar Mueller. 

I wish every street look like this always. 

8. "Bright People" by Edgar Mueller. 

Honestly! How? What? Oh my. 

9. "Cocito" by Kurt Wenner. 

Are you amazed? 

10. "Reflections" by Kurt Wenner.

I'm not entirely sure how to handle this...

11. "Perseus" by Kurt Wenner. 

Beauty at its finest. 

12. "Office Stress" by Kurt Wenner. 

I just cannot comprehend how this can be the product of the human hand?

Main image source: Edgar Mueller

Collage image source: 1.Julian Beever 2.Edgar Mueller

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