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Sunday, 18 October 2015

12 iPhone Camera Hacks To Step Up Your Photography Game

With amazing advancements in the quality of smartphone cameras, it's becoming incredibly easy to take professional-looking photos without an expensive professional camera. Although the iPhone camera already produces amazing photos on its own, there are tons of hacks out there for taking your iPhone camera to the next level. From using a drop of water to produce dream-like macro images to using the panorama mode to duplicate the same person in one frame, these hacks will have you taking better pictures in no time!
1. Cut shapes into cardboard or thin plastic to create unique bokeh lights. 

2. You can easily make a tripod with a pair of scissors and some cardboard. If you use the EarPods that came with your iPhone, you can pose from a distance and use the "+" button on the EarPods to take pictures. 

3. Use the panorama mode to take awesome photos where a person appears more than once in the same shot. 

Have a friend start shooting from where you are standing, then continue to run back into the shot from the opposite direction of the motion. 

4. You can also use the panorama mode to take neat drive-by shots!
It's important to keep a steady hold on the phone for this trick in order to avoid a bumpy picture. 
5. Remove the focusing lens from an old laser pointer and attach it to your iPhone using a bobby pin and some tape to take amazing close-up shots.

6. Pull an old pair of pantyhose over your camera lens to give your images a soft and hazy filter.  

7. Make a macro lens for free by placing a tiny (and I mean tiny) drop of water on the camera lens. 
 It may sound dangerous, but the resulting images are absolutely beautiful!

8. When the brightness of the sun causes your photography subject to be underexposed, placing a pair of tinted sunglasses over the lens of your camera will solve the problem!
9. Remove the shade from an IKEA lamp to make an adjustable iPhone stand for filming. 
This is perfect for video bloggers! Check out IKEA Hackers for the instructions. 

10. Turn on Auto HDR to improve the image quality of your iPhone photos. 
Sometimes using HDR can result in non-realistic photos. However, just like Auto Flash, Auto HDR senses when the time is right to use HDR. 

11. Make your own fish-eye lens with an old pair of glasses and some tape!

12. Cut out circle shapes from transparent-colored folders to make your own photo filters. 
Keep them together with a key ring for portable filters!

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