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Wednesday, 28 October 2015

12 Nail Art Hacks Every Lazy Girl Will Love

Nail art enthusiasts love to show off their skills. Of course, everyone, even a nail artist, loves an easy yet effective way of getting the look they want! These nail tricks are for the laziest of nail artist or anyone who wants to try something new, with as little opportunity for disappointment as possible. There's no need to go out and buy expensive fancy tools for these tricks because everything is something you already have at home! So now you don't have an excuse not to try that manicure you've only dreamed about, because these nail hacks will have you looking like a professional.
1. French Tip
It can be pretty difficult to get a perfect Frenchy, so if you're not feeling particularly patient, try placing a thin strip of tape on the end of your nail and get a perfect, effortless French tip!

2. Reverse French Nail With A Twist
The reverse French nail is always a breathe of fresh air but to really jazz it up, use those old craft scissors to add a little fun!

3. Classic Reverse French Manicure
Of course, classics always take the win. Take binder reinforcements to get the best reverse on your French manicure!

4. Checkerboard Nails
Don't strain yourself trying to get the perfect lines. Just use strips of tape to get everything even and don't be afraid to dive into the polish!

5. Gift Wrapped Nails
Polka dots and metallics all in one! Use some foil to get this birthday look!

6. Acid Wash Nails
Everyone loves acid wash jeans, now your nails can have the same fabulous look! The only extra tool you need here is a Q-tip!

7. Plastic Wrap Marble
The marble nail look is awesome but not everyone wants to deal with the mess of it. Use some bunched up plastic wrap to get a similar look with almost no effort!

8. Gold Stone
This nail look is achieved similarly to the marble look with plastic wrap. This time, instead of removing the polish from your nail, paint the plastic wrap and then dab it on your nail. One method, two different looks!

9. Sharpie Art
Doing fine nail art takes time, but we don't always have as much time as we'd like, or...we're just plain lazy. Using a sharpie means you can do more art in less time, and it's easy clean up should you make a mistake, all you need is a cloth to wipe it off and start again!

10. Band-Aid Polka Dots
Don't want to break your back while dotting your nails? Slap on a band-aid, swipe some polish across and voila! Fully polka dotted nails!

11. Tooth Pick Hearts
Again with tricky details but now you can get a perfect heart every time using nothing but your polish and a tooth pick!

12. Elastic Frenchy
Nail art lovers will never get tired of French manicures so here is one more trick. If you don't have a steady hand, tape, or binder reinforcements, an elastic will be your next best friend. Hold an elastic tight against your nail paint the tip for another perfect Frenchy!
Main image via Nail NerdCollage image via Wookmark

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