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Sunday, 11 October 2015

12 Potty Training Hacks To Get Your Toddler To Use The Toilet

12 Potty Training Hacks To Get Your Toddler To Use The Toilet

We were all there at one point. Young, childish, and free. Free to roam around with full diapers. For most of us, those days are long gone due to terrifically patient parents and potty training tricks. Now the tables have turned and maybe it's your turn to introduce a child into the wonderful world of toilets but where to start? Most kids are pretty content with this diaper deal. I certainly was–it's way less hassle (just not for the person doing cleanup). To get the process going, check out these 12 tricks that will help your toddler level up their potty game.

1. Use a coffee filter for easier cleanup when it comes to no. 2.

2. Your children are never too young to be introduced to bribery. A few jellybeans after a solid pee never hurt anyone.

3. Stop the kiddies from overusing sheets of toilet paper with a helpful line that they cannot pass when tearing the sheets.

4. Create a chart to track their progress! Giving your toddler stickers to put on the chart instead of candy is also a healthier alternative, if you're anti-jelly bean. 

5. Get your kids used to the idea of using the toilet by substituting books like this for your normal bed time stories.

6. For boys, put a Cheerio in the bottom of the toilet bowl to get them to practice their aim

7.  No one wants to fall into a toilet. Stop that from happening by investing in one of these handy guys that can be bought here.

8. Make up a pee-pee song to the tune of any song you like! The best thing about kids? They won't even judge.

9. Whoever said there is an app for everything wasn't kidding. Check out the "It's Time To Potty" app by Huggies that includes pee-pee reminders and games and music to play that make potty training fun. 

10. Introduce "Potty Pete", the ping pong. He likes to twirl around the toilet bowl and loves "bombs away"! I'm sure you can figure that last part out. For the full and hilarious instructions, click here

11. If books and apps aren't your style, try watching Sesame Street: Elmo's Potty Time. 

12. But don't forget that mistakes are inevitable and potty training takes time. Until they've got it down, consider using puppy pads underneath your toddler's sheets to prevent staining. 

Main image via Mama Frankenstein
Collage source via 1. Carrie This Home 2. The Virtuous Wife 3. Mama Frankenstein

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