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Saturday, 24 October 2015

14 Photoshopped Pictures That Are Actually Just Sad

14 Photoshopped Pictures That Are Actually Just Sad

Choosing a photo as your main profile picture for any social media website is very important, so often a bit of retouching doesn't hurt. A filter or two can enhance the photo, but sometimes people take it too far. These people should have their photoshop access taken away, because they are doing it so, so wrong. This will be your reaction to every picture below: 

1. Like this.....

2.  Very important

3. One(sie) with nature 

4. The bottom right corner.....

5. This is a thing...that exists...that someone made 

6. Ummmmmmmmm

7. This is impressive 

8.  Camouflage monkey man

9. Obviously an original photo 

10.  Forest warrior 

11. Pardon me? Are you a cartoon?

12.  A good attempt 

13. If he is my future I want out

14. Your world my friend...your world

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