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Saturday, 24 October 2015

15 Everyday People Who Became Heroes

16 Everyday People Who Became Heroes

 Real heroes exist among us. We walk by them every day in the streets without ever noticing them. Your neighbor could be one. The little girl down the street could be one. Even you could be one. These people don't don capes or utilize supernatural skills to fight crime. They're just everyday people, who, when faced with a difficult situation, rose to extraordinary heights. These are the people who put others before themselves, often in dangerous situations and never asked for anything in return. That's why we're making this list: to give thanks to those everyday folks who inspired us with their heroism. 

1. This little girl will warm the cockles of your heart with her quiet act of heroism. 

This little Canadian girl begged her mom to let her sell her toys and donate the money to an animal shelter. Kids sure can be wise.

2. Family cat saves little boy from dog

The family cat takes on a dog much larger than itself to save a little boy

3. Adam Warwick saves a tranquilized bear from drowning

A  large male black bear had been hit with a tranquilizer after it wandered into a Florida neighborhood. The bear tried to evade authorities by heading into the ocean. Biologist Adam Warwick of the Wildlife Commission risked life and limb, heading into the water after the drowsy bear. He pulled the nearly 400-pound animal to safety. 

4. Keshia Thomas saves white supremacist 

18 year old Keshia Thomas risked her own safety to protect at white supremacist from protesters at a Klu-Klux Klan rally. The young girl's incredible act of selfless bravery garnered international attention. 

5. This runner won by losing. 

6. This Michigan officer risks getting sprayed to help a skunk with its head stuck in a yogurt container.

Officer Taylor of the Rochester, Michigan Police Department, restored the public's faith in the police force with his selfless act of saving a skunk from a yogurt container. If the skunk was wearing a hoodie, things may have ended differently. 

7. George Heheman and daughter Kerry Ware rescue a stranded dolphin

These two pulled the 300 pound dolphin out of the sandbar where she was beached. Her baby was waiting for her. They swam off happily together.

8. These Russian comrades banded together to save a moose that had fallen through ice.

9. Tom Artiaga saves an old man from exploding house.

Tom Artiaga, a delivery driver and family man, become a mystery hero when he saved an old man from a house following a massive explosion. Tom tried to escape the limelight and went out of his way to avoid being contacted by news agencies before they were finally able to track him down.

10. Istanbul locals save tourist's car from falling into the sea

Tourists visiting a museum in Istanbul forgot to put their car in park. Thanks to a group of courageous and quick thinking locals, the car was saved from rolling into the sea. The heroes used their own bodies to weigh down the front of the car and hold it steady until a tow-truck arrived. 

11. Amazing group of people lift burning car off of pinned motorcyclist

This incredible video shows people working together while risking their lives to lift a car off of an injured motorcyclist. If this doesn't restore your faith in humanity, I don't know what will.

12. Sully Sullenberger lands plane in the Hudson River

"Sully" Sullenberger was piloting an airbus out of LaGuardia when both engines in his plane went dead. Realizing their only chance for survival was splash-landing in the Hudson river, Sully remained calm and told the passengers to brace for landing. All passengers and crew survived. Sully was the last person to exit the plane. A biopic starring Tom Hanks is on its way.

13. Man saves boy who falls from escalator

This fast acting hero noticed a boy riding up the outside of the outside of an escalator at a Turkish shopping center. Watch him spring into action and save the boy.

14. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson saves adorable puppy from drowning

When Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson isn't being an action hero on the big screen, he's just being a regular hero in real life. Dwayne made headlines when he saved his puppies from drowning in his swimming pool. One cell phone was lost. All the bags of rice in the world couldn't save it.

15. Man saves ribs, then family from burning house

Robert Wright, a courageous hero from the Bay area, made headlines when he saved his family from their burning house but not before saving a giant rack of BBQ ribs that he proudly holds up during this interview. Robert, we salute you.

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