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Tuesday 20 October 2015

15 People Who Should Be Kicked Off Social Media

 I'm sure we've all made a few posts we wished we could take back on social media before it was too late.
Luckily, we've figured out the delete button, and weren't so stubborn as to ignore our friends' advice to get rid of the dumb move.
Unfortunately, there are people out there who really should think twice before posting something on Facebook or Twitter or wherever. And then maybe listen when someone questions their "logic" about the photo.
Happily for us, though, we all can enjoy the feeling of being a little bit smarter than the people who posted these winners.
Thank you, my friends. I feel so much better about my life! But you should probably go back to grammar school.
1. This Woman Really Screwed Up.
I hope she's joking. I wish she were joking. Oh God, she's not joking...

2. He Shouldn't Be A Reporter.
I mean, he's trying to confirm, so that's good?

3. Step 1: Remove Parents From Social Media.
Step 2: Don't post dumb photos. No one cares about your coziness. 

4. They're Certainly Not Getting Their Theres Right.
Someone needs to go back to second grade. Actually, #5 should too
5. Well, It IS A Weird Looking Parrot
I guess that's why they decided to make it its own species

6. But First, Lemme Take A Selfie
Well, it's not every day you're pulled over by a cop!

7. Dude. No.
She seems like she makes good life choices.

8. I Have No Words.
It's just one of those moments where you realize they actually WERE dropped on their head as a baby. I think #10 may have been as well.
9. Oh, Sweetie. No.
I'm sure he was beaten. And by a girl, in fact.

10. Don't. Do. Drugs.
You must be tripping if you think the "W" would show up.

11. Oh, Shit!
Man, what a crappy picture.

12. The Laziest Cat Ever.
Tonight on National Geographic: the cats of South America with super long claws who move at super slow speeds. But this mistake about nature doesn't even compare to #13.
13. Nature Is Amazing.
Dear Mr. President: Please fix the education system.

14. Yeah Ridley, Get It Together.
In space, no one can hear your stupidity. Oh, wait. Yes, they can.

15. Don't Do ANY Of This And Drive.
The best time to post pics? When you're driving at 70 mph.
Main image via Heavy
Collage images via 1. Distractify 2. Heavy 3. reddit / SquirrelGang

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