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Thursday, 29 October 2015

15 Stars Who We're Pretty Sure Found The Fountain Of Youth

There are celebrities that I have been in love with for literally decades (I'm old enough now that I can say that ... good for me ... ugh).
But looking back, I've realized while some favorites have started to show some crow's-feet, there are others who have aged well. Like ... REALLY well.
It's to the point that if they put the outfit on from the first show where they made it big (usually ER), they would look EXACTLY the same.
In short: Hollywood officially scares me. And I love it.
1. Drew Barrymore
We loved her through her rebellious stage, and we will continue to love her adorable smile through her "I'm a mom now" phase.

2. Will Smith
OK, but really, slap on some '90s baggy pants and he'd be the Fresh Prince again. Oh my Gosh ... can that please happen?

3. Mario Lopez
The only man who still makes a ballet outfit look DANG fine.

4. Sarah Jessica Parker
She went from girl next door to fashion icon. I think we would be best friends. I'm totally a Carey.
5. Natalie Portman
Always and forever my idol. And judging by her looks, she will be around far longer than I will be. IT'S THE FORCE! I knew it.

6. Jennifer Aniston
Can I just take this time to remind everyone about how absolutely FIERCE Jennifer Aniston is? K thanks.

7. Jared Leto
His music fills my soul with love, his acting fills my eyes with tears and his eyes fill my junk with chills. Seriously. Those eyes. May they never stop staring.

8. Keanu Reeves
May his facial hair always grow strong and his locks remain raven black.
9. Morgan Freeman
His voice has soothed my soul for as long as I can remember, and yet it seems like he'll be around to soothe it for decades to come.

10. Johnny Depp
Everyone has a favorite Johnny Depp movie. Whether you prefer the Tim Burton classics, his bad-boy attitude in 21 Jump Street, or his smoldering dark side, there's a Johnny Depp that everyone has come to love throughout the years.

11. Betty White
She will never ... EVER ... die. I forbid it. 

12. Patrick Stewart
It has to be impossible for a human to look this amazing over decades, and yet Patrick Stewart does it. Well, if anyone will, it's Professor X. Maybe he gets his strength from his BFF Sir Ian McKellen. If so, number 13 probably got strength from him too.

13. Judi Dench

This dame has had it going on for years. It seems like she got to about 50 and then stopped. Just ... stopped.

13. Judi Dench
This dame has had it going on for years. It seems like she got to about 50 and then stopped. Just ... stopped.
14. Lucy Liu
OK, but for real, she was an extra in SO many movies before making it big! So we are witness to her anti-aging abilities throughout the decades of her career.

15. Steve Martin
This award-winning comedian has shared his hilarity and musical abilities with the world since the '70s. But he's remained forever young, coming out on vinyl with his bestselling comedy tour Let's Get Small in 1977 and KILLING it on Twitter for the past few years. Basically, he's my hero.

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