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Thursday, 29 October 2015

15 Ways To Sleep And What They Actually Mean. When You Read This, You'll Definitely Want To Sleep On It

Everyone tends to sleep a little differently than one another. But did you know that how you sleep could tell you a lot about your personality? Have a significant other that sleeps next to you at night? This guide will tell you what your relationship is like based on how you two sleep next to one another. So, grab a pillow, cozy up, and see what your sleeping position says about you, then keep scrolling for a fun relationship decoder!

1. Fetal Position

This popular choice for sleeping means you present a tough exterior, but can be shy and sensitive under the surface. You also take a while to warm up to people, but once you do, you relax and show your true self.

2. Log Position

This second most popular position means you're social and easy-going, but may be prone to gullibility.

3. Yearner Position

This position means you have an open personality, but could be prone to suspicion and cynicism. You're a slow decision maker, but you stick to your choice.

4. Soldier Position

The soldier position means you're disciplined and set high expectations for yourself and others, often exhibiting a quiet and reserved nature.

5. Freefall Position

As a freefaller, you are sociable and brash, but sensitive to criticism.

6. Starfish Position

This position means you make friendship a priority and dislike being the centre of attention.

7. Hugger Position

If you hug your pillow, you are trusting, but can be a bit too open.

8. Back Snorer

As a back snorer, you are probably irritable.

Couples Positions:

9. Liberty Position

You two feel connected, but are independent enough to sleep separately and still feel comfortable with each other.

10. Cherish Position

Popular if you are in a new relationship: you two are comfortable and intimate.

11. Spoon Position

Usually the male takes the lead and feels protective of his partner.

12.  Lovers' Knot Position

This position indicates a level of intimacy between you two, as well as a loving independence.

13. Romantic Position

Popular in movies scenes, this position is popular with new relationships.

14. Pillow Talk Position

This position gives you the opportunity for some one-to-one contact and conversation in bed.

15. None of the Above

If you toss and turn or can't stick to one of these positions, it could mean you are unsettled, distracted, or confused. It may also mean you have a fear of commitment.
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