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Tuesday, 27 October 2015

16 Celebrities Who Are Far Too Talented To Show How Much They Actually Hate Each Other

16 Celebrities Who Are Far Too Talented To Show How Much They Actually Hate Each Other
Celebrities are people too. Yes, their bodies, minds and souls belong to their job, but they have the same tenancies towards love and hate as the rest of us. Many times, they have to work closely with other people and we don't mean arm's-length, office-close either. Celebrities have to "fake" liking each other, while doing everything from promotional interviews to on-screen kissing. Let's take a look at some famous people who hate each other, and laugh, and laugh, and laugh.
1. Tay-Tay And Kat-ay
We might as well start with the most glaring example of celebrity loathing in pop culture today. Katy Perry and Taylor Swift are in such a spat, Taylor wrote a song about it. Oh yeah, she went there.

2. Bieber In Full Bloom
These boys are in a sort of one-upping 'Cold War.' Orlando Bloom got a bit rattled when the Biebs started mackin' on his ex-wife, Miranda Kerr. As soon as he got the chance, Bloom started talking to Selena... and so are the days of our lives.

3. Mariah Carey Hates Nicki Minaj
Everything was fine until these two had to work together. In their time as American Idol judges, the ladies took disagreeing to a whole other level. After getting booted from the show, their mutual distaste for one another lives on.

4. Did You Know Kim Kardashian Was Paris Hilton's Assistant? Did You Even?
Yeah, mind blowing, isn't it? Paris was not all that nice to Kim either. She talked down to her a lot when filming The Simple Life and generally treated her poorly. Then Kim dulled Paris' shine by releasing her own, much-hotter-than-a-night-in-Paris sex tape and blew the eff up in her Hilton face. Now the real question: can either of them spell drama?

5. Kelly And Christina Ain't Sittin' In No Tree Togetha'
These queen bees really dislike each other. Back in the day, we met Kelly Osbourne on her family's reality show, The Osbournes, where she mentioned Christina's music in a less than positive way. Christina had no chill and proceeded to lash back at Kelly by calling her fat... for years. In 2011, Kelly had lost her weight and Christina had found it. Kelly got her revenge on her show, Fashion Police, stating "She called me fat for so many f***ing years, so you know what? F*** you, you're fat too!" What goes around comes around.

6. Once Upon A Time, Gwyneth And Madonna Were Like Sisters, But No Longer
No one knows why, but these blonds are no longer besties. They were close buds until 2010 when they suddenly stopped talking to one another. To this day, no one really knows what went down.

7. Sorry To Shatter Your Childhood Dreams But...
Anthony Daniels and Kenny Baker manned the suits we fell in love with years ago. They made their robotic characters come to life because they are great actors, but off-screen, the two were like oil and water. One would make jokes about stature while the other would point out attitude, saying of Daniels, "he doesn't get along with anyone."

8. A Lesson To Keep Your Nose Out Of Other People's Business
Tom Cruise and Brooke Shields actually starred in a romantic movie back in the 80s. Back then, everything seemed fine between them, but as they got older, their lives took a different turn. Tom has been a Scientologist for years and, as such, does not believe in anti-depressants or anything related to psychiatry. When Brooke publicly began taking anti-depressants, Tom criticized her just as publicly. 

9. Charlie's Fallen Angel
The Charlie's Angels remake was the blockbuster everyone was talking about back in 2000. Bill Murray played one hell of a Charlie, and everything seemed peachy in theaters. What many people don't know is that he and Lucy Liu did not get along. He stopped a scene because he was so frustrated that Liu "can't act." She tried to punch him on set, and the whole thing got out of hand. For that reason, Bill Murray turned down the sequel.

10. Things Were Cold When Filming Some Like It Hot
Tony Curtis and Marilyn Monroe played love interests in Some Like It Hot, one of the most famous and internationally loved films of all time. However, the two hated one another to the point that Tony allegedly said kissing Monroe was "like kissing Hitler." Her response, however, was both classic and classy. She never mentions names but proves to be a true professional when playing a character:
"For instance, you've read there was some actor that once said about me that kissing me was like kissing Hitler. Well, I think that's his problem. If I have to do intimate love scenes with somebody who really has these kind of feelings toward me, then my fantasy can come into play. In other words, out with him, in with my fantasy. He was never there." –Marilyn Monroe

11. Double Drama For 007
Pierce Brosnan and Teri Hatcher were not fond of one another while filming Die Another Day. Teri was routinely late, much to the dismay of the sexiest spy in Hollywood. However, Pierce was understanding:
"I got very upset with her... she was always keeping me waiting for hours. I must admit I let slip a few words that weren't very nice. It came out one morning that Teri was pregnant and she hadn't been feeling very well. Still, these things happen."

12. The Notebook Was A Crap Show To Make
Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling had mad chemistry. They both happen to have been born at St. Joseph's Hospital in London, Ontario (also home to yours truly, Diply! and the Biebs, but who cares?). Perhaps they were too similar, because they did not get along on set. Though the two dated after the movie wrapped, they eventually broke up. Too bad.

13. And You Thought Uncle Phil Hated Will The Most
Quite the contrary. The biggest beef on The Fresh Prince of Bel Air was actually between Janet Hubert, the first Aunt Viv, and Will Smith. Hubert was fired from the show and replaced. After that, she blamed Smith for the termination calling him an "egomaniac" and other choice names.

14. Sex And The City And Money
They say you should never mix business and pleasure. In this case, Kim Cattrall found herself steaming over 'the business,' specifically her expectation of equal pay for equal work. After working together for years, Cattrall was angry to find that Sarah Jessica Parker was making more than anyone on the show.

15. This Is What It Means To Be A Good Actor
When portraying the most romantic fictional couple in the history of the world, you had best be feelin' the feels. If not, you'd best be bringing your acting hat, because Shakespeare deserves nothing less than awesome. Clearly, Clare Danes and Leonardo DiCaprio understood the importance of their roles because no one could tell how much they actually despised each other.

16. X-Files Stars Act Like Bitter Exes
Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny are as cold as Anderson's RBF. Apparently, the two "couldn't stand" each other but managed to "make it work" for years and no one could tell.

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