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Sunday, 18 October 2015

6 cricketers who are always made scapegoats

6 cricketers who are always made scapegoats

Winning and losing are part and parcel of any game and cricket shouldn’t be treated differently in this regard. There is no such cricketer, who has performed consistently during the course of his entire career. Slumps and poor form are bound to happen and if it coincides with the team’s loss, blame game shouldn’t be played around it. We have seen in the recent past that blasting cricketers for their poor form has become a common trend. The fans forget about the contribution these cricketers have made in the past and rather than standing with them in tough times, they are taken head on by cricket fanatics. Here is the list of some players, who have been made the scapegoats whenever his team has failed to cross the finishing line.

The Test captain of the Indian team has been one of the best players of the recent times. This man has won numerous games for his country that too playing under pressure. He has a habit of playing big knocks against the big fishes and has contributed immensely in Team India’s success in the recent past but the media and cricket fanatics are after his life since his slump in the World Cup. First of all, he had to go through a lot on professional and personal front after he failed to light up the above mentioned event in Australia and New Zealand. The recently concluded ODI series against Bangladesh once again saw some ordinary scores from his bat, which led to further harsh comments from the lovers of the game. One shouldn’t forget that he is the same guy, who has been ruling the batting charts since long and one or two failures are not enough to take back his laurels. He deserves respect and backing in hard times as a partial loss of form can happen with any champion player across sports fraternity.

The list will have more of Indian cricketers as fans from this country are most idiotic when it comes to judging things. MS Dhoni is the most successful Indian captain across formats. The super cool player is the only skipper in the world who has won the fifty over World Cup, T20 World Cup, Champions Trophy and ICC Test mace. If this titles are not enough, check his batting record in all formats of the game. He more often comes down the order, which is the most difficult position to bat as it requires strategy and will power to stay till the end. His attacking and sensible batting has recused Team India in many games and he continues to do so in international cricket. However, the last few years has not been kind to him when it comes to overseas results. The team has lost badly and all the blame game has been played around him. The recent ODI series defeat against Bangladesh once again landed him in a soup but one has to understand that Dhoni can’t make up for other ten players in the squad.

He is the gladiator of Pakistan cricket who has held his team together in testing times. The right hand batsman is no more part of the shorter formats after calling off his playing days but boy he was extremely supporting in this versions as well. He is one of the main reasons behind Pakistan’s reasonable performance in international cricket despite not playing much cricket at home. Misbah-ul- Haq has maintained the unity within the team which was thought to be the most difficult job as Pakistani cricketers are not the easiest one to handle. Apart from his captaincy, his batting is another area which has helped Pakistan in registering famous victories against big opponents. Despite this, he is always on the gunpoint (verbal attack) of former cricketers, who are after his life and career. If Pakistan wins a game, he is not entitled to any praise but if the ship sails in the opposite direction then there is no way he can escape from the cursing of fans and former Pakistani players.

It is a surprise to see a name of an Australian cricketer popping up here but fans, experts and history has not been kind to Shane Watson and his contributions for his team in international cricket. It is not a hidden fact that he has played so many match winning knocks for his team across all formats and even his bowling has yielded positive results for his team on a number of occasions. I know he has been injured more often which has cut off his playing days but this is not in his hands as injuries are part of any sport. The fans and cricket experts have blasted him whenever Australia has failed to achieve the desired results. His failures are labeled as one of the reasons behind Australia’s defeat against any rival. The voices have grown in the recent past demanding his ouster from the squad. Such fans and experts should be ashamed of themselves as they are forgetting his never ending contributions. He still has some cricket left in him and should be allowed to continue his trade in competitive cricket.

The golden boy of Bangladeshi cricket has held his country high in international cricket. He is by far the most successful cricketer from his country in all formats of the game. The left hand batsman has made vital contributions in the batting department which has led his national team to some famous wins. Even his bowling has been classy, yielding match winning results for the team. Shakib is one of the most naturally gifted all-rounders of the modern era, who knows about the art of winning the games. However, this is not enough in order to get recognized for his efforts. This man has received a lot of flak from the fans and even from his own cricket board. Getting banned and humiliation by public has become a part of his career and this is really a big worry. Cricket is a team game and if Bangladesh loses any match, Shakib shouldn’t be held guilty for ten other players. As far as his board his concerned, they should adopt a better way of dealing with him as he is an asset to the nation and players like him are born once in a while.

There is no denying the fact that he is one of the most exciting batsmen of the modern era. The captain of the English Test team was sacked from his post as the ODI captain before the World Cup and his place in the Test team was also questioned. I know he was not scoring runs since a couple of series but that doesn’t mean firing and chopping from the squad. Alastair Cook is the leading run-scorer for England in the Test format and this is no mean feat. He has scored match winning hundreds one after another in the most testing format. The best part is his batting style which doesn’t let bowlers to settle down in a rhythm. This should have brought praises for him but alas his case is completely different. Cook has received criticism from fans and former players whenever his team has lost a game or a series. This is not done as he can’t be held responsible for the fault of other players in the team. Moreover, it is important to remember the amount of contributions he has made for the team.

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