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Wednesday, 28 October 2015

7 Mistakes We Bet You Never Noticed In 3 Idiots

Given that mister perfectionist aka AAMIR KHAN has starred in the film, along with another exquisite actor Madhavan and extraordinary comic actor Sharman Joshi, the movie could not have much flaws.
But Raju Hirani even after a next level of direction did forget to look after some mistakes that he should not have ignored as he did not know that we would catch them and make a whole article about it. Just kidding!!
These mistakes from the movie 3 idiots is to make you laugh at and to tell you that we all are humans and we do make mistakes no matter hiw perfect we are.
Mistake 1: 
Mona Singh, who plays Kareena’s elder sister in the movie, is initially introduced by Boman Irani in the movie as Poonam. Yet, later on she is consistently called Mona by everyone, including her own family members. Split personality much?
The fun doesn’t stop here… go on for the funnier ones are yet to come.
Mistake 2:
In the climax, Kareena is shown engaging in a video chat with Aamir and his posse using Youtube and Google Chrome, neither of which were created during the events which were said to have taken place several years prior to 2009.
Unless of course, Rancho devoted some of his superpowers to developing some futuristic pieces of tech on the side.
But hey!!!! this is just a minor one yet.

Mistake 3:
Farhan, is shown entering an Airbus in his initial flight at the beginning of the movie, later lands in a Boeing.
The very same mistake which inspired the director of movie QUEEN to do it again. Ain’t that quite an ispiration.
Mistake 4:
How people in real life hunt down their missing friends: Approach someone, the Dean’s daughter preferably, to look through the college records for an address or some form of contact.
How people in Bollywood locate their missing friends:wait around for their rival’s secretary to accidentally take a photo featuring aforementioned friend.
Amazingly did humbly and finally open the suspense at the end.

Mistake 5:
Though neither Aamir’s real name Phunsukh Wangdu, nor his assumed identity of the Shimla based Ranchodas Chhanchad had anything remotely Gujurati about them.
Kareena gives him chapter and verse about the weirdness of his cuisine, including dhoklas. Poor Aamir,  misunderstood on so many different levels. 
Mistake 6:
After throwing the pot containing the real Rancho’s father’s remains down the toilet, the same lid is later featured in Rancho’s hand as he bids them farewell.
Excuse us, while we try NOT to think about who was assigned the task of fishing it out of the toilet.
Maybe, here is a glitch that he took another lid from the showcase which fitted exactly the same but did he have enough time for so?

Mistake 7:
The chat they had in the movie at that time, included a telecom service provider which did not provide webcam chats at that time.
logic destroyed, brain smashed ahead for how aamir can do this.

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