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Thursday, 29 October 2015

Acupressure: Relieving Stress through Pressure Points

Our Aversion to “Alternative” Healing:
The mere mention of “alternative” medicine seems so alien and obscure that we tend to shun away anything and everything that mentions it.  Now, I am not here to point out to the basic human fallacies of ignorance and intolerance for new or curious concepts, but rather wish to open and broaden our horizons, by sharing some personal experiences about some alternative medicines.
When it comes to our physical and spiritual health, we should not limit ourselves in knowledge and the exploration of possibilities. And given the fact that each of us is different, with specific needs, mindsets and perceptions –it is rather impossible to one golden solution that fits all. We owe it to ourselves to listen to our bodies and hearts, and find that which is suitable for our needs.

We Do Try to Heal Ourselves:
Even though we stick to conventional medicines and sometimes become doctors ourselves, it is impossible that none of us have, at some point in our lives, experimented with alternative natural medicines. We all have had colds that we fixed with granny recipes, or what have you. And most of all, we’ve all had pains and aches that we tried to cure ourselves. But then yet, when it comes to neck pain or back pain, it proves to be a challenge to massage ourselves, so we mostly just go to a doctor and take a painkiller which will resolve the symptom.

Acupressure: Pressing the Right Buttons
I believe we could not only treat the symptom of pain, but also remove the source of said pain, if we really knew the exact points that provide us relief. We have found our “sweet” spots, but having knowledge of medical science that works on these principles, opens avenues of self healing that we never thought possible. One such ancient science is the science of Acupressure. Though acupressure sounds like acupuncture, but this one doesn’t involve needles, so you’re in the clear, in case you can’t imagine being pricked. Acupressure is a technique that is centered on the core philosophies of energy, flow, trigger points or acupoints. It is the practice of releasing your body from imbalance, by applying pressure to specific points in your body that are responsible with holding bad energy.
By applying the right amount of pressure in the right way, on the right spots, Acupressurists can reestablish relief within those meridians (or energy channels), in your body that are clogged, using finger pressure or specific instruments. Imagine that you hold your body in certain points of energy that are now blocked and have formed a lump of negative damaging energy. They are made of stress, and by applying acupressure correctly, you can exorcise those black, damaging lumps of chronic stress. It’s like a guided and precise massage therapy.

De-stress Through Healing:
You may find that stress is an integral part, if not essential, of your life and sadly your ailments. By relieving your damaged, pained areas of stress, your body will thank you and your muscle memory will remember the good you did for it, and reward you with relaxation and strength. You might find channels and means to rid of this yourself, but once in a while if you need to restart your energy flow in your body, I suggest you try some acupressure, and see if it can help you.
Source: CureJoy 1

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