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Monday, 26 October 2015

Congratulations android lovers, Here Is How Samsung Galaxy S7 Will Look Like.. (Concept)

Congratulations android lovers, Here Is How Samsung Galaxy S7 Will Look Like.. (Concept)

Samsung Galaxy’s yet to be released smartphone’s pictures have been leaked by a Dutch website. The smartphone has a 5.5” screen and according to the speculations, it will feature a 16 or 20 MP camera. Rumors say that this phone will be released at Mobile World Congress – trade show in Barcelona – to be held from 2-5 March 2015.

As per the leaked photo, S6 comes with a very slim bezel and a somewhat rounded design that is akin to the iPhone 6. According to the website, “A striking feature of the prototype is the thin left and right edges of the screen, and the displacement of the selfie camera toward the center of the top.” Previous information released by another website revealed that the Codename assigned to S6 is SM-G925F and it will come with a Quad HD (2560×1440) display, an octa-core processor, 16 MP rear faced the camera and a Mali-T768 graphic processing unit.

This Is How Samsung Galaxy S6 Will Look Like..  Samsung has released its decision of reducing the number of phones that it is created each year to focus on improving the quality of these limited number of handsets. The firm is also going to increase the production of the current models so as to sell them at a less price now. This strategy was introduced during a presentation that was held in New York by Robert Yi, Head of Investor Relations at Samsung.

Kim Hyum-Joon, Senior Vice President at Samsung said during a conference call that was held between analysts, “The mid-to-low end market is growing rapidly, and we plan to respond actively in order to capitalize on that growth.” Mr. Yi stated, “The operating margin declined due to increased marketing expenditure and lowered average selling price.’ The company further said that it is ‘cautiously expecting increased shipments of new smartphones and strong seasonal demand for TV products.”

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