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Friday, 9 October 2015

Daily Routine of Women With Gorgeous Skin

Daily Routine of Women With Gorgeous Skin

Women with smooth, radiant skin aren't just lucky. They tend to have six daily habits in common. 

1. They cleanse gently, once a day.

Unless skin is oily, do not wash your face more than once as this tends to strip off natural oils from the skin. Use a mild cleanser and instead of washing off right away, let the cleanser sit on the face to work on dirt and makeup residue.

2. They reapply sunscreen.

 It is imperative that you re-apply sunscreen with a min of SPF30 every 2-3 hours for maximum protection. Opt for a powder sunscreen that can be easily brushed over makeup.
3. They use a retinoid cream every night before bedtime.

Retinoids are proven to increase cell turnover and collagen that works to reduce and eliminate fine lines. Be careful when applying the retinoids as they may irritate skin a little at first. Apply a moisturizer and wait for 30 min before applying the retinoids.

4. They eat salmon, and consume lots of antioxidants. 

The omega 3 fatty acids in salmon hydrate skin. Consume anti-oxidant rich foods like blueberries, green tea and dark greens.
5. They break a sweat. 

Exercise improves circulation and increases heart rate, giving an overall glow to skin. The skin endorphin is positively impacted by aerobic exercise.

6. They sleep at least 7 hours a night. 

Sleep reduces cortisol levels, which is the main culprit of aging and acne. Therefore, sleep more for youthful, supple skin.

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