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Thursday, 29 October 2015


The VIP team coming together for another film, bestows a great degree of expectations among people. One might expect an out and out commercial film from the Dhanush - Velraj - Anirudh trio but what we hear is that their upcoming Thangamagan will be a family drama with two interesting love tracks which happen in different phases of the protagonist’s life. The film will have its share of Dhanush moments too.

Apparently Thanga Magan is about father - son bonding. It must be noted that KS Ravikumar plays Dhanush’s father in the film while Raadhika enacts his mother's role. The two lovely divas Samantha and Amy Jackson are playing the female leads for Dhanush.

Anirudh’s romantic album is expected to be unleashed in the month of November. Thanga Magan looks like an ideal drama which you could enjoy with your family when it releases on December 18, before Christmas 2015.

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