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Thursday, 8 October 2015

How To Reduce Excess Fat In Hips And Thighs

How To Reduce Excess Fat In Hips And Thighs

Irrespective of height and health most of us have a tendency of putting on extra fats on thighs and hips as compared to other areas. And it's a major struggle to get rid of the same.
Let’s see how we can easily reduce those extra fats from thighs and hips.
1. Daily exercise: 

Daily exercise not only keeps you fresh and active, but also increases blood circulation and this increase helps in removing excessive fluids which then results in shedding weight from hips and thighs. So, get up a little early and give yourself 30 minutes for exercise.

2. Drink plenty of water: 

Drinking plenty of water helps in shedding those extra fats in thighs and hips. Keeping yourself hydrated with water and fresh fruits and salad also help in flushing out toxins from your body.

3. Keep yourself stress-free: 

Stress decreases blood circulation and toxin removal. Even if you are eating right and are stressed, it won’t help. So throw this 6-letter word out of your life and let your blood circulate well to give you better results of your efforts.
4. Reduce calories: 

The best way to reduce your calorie count is to reduce the quantity. This will work as a signal for your body to use its stored fat in the thighs and hips. Eating low-calorie food will make sure that you are not putting on weight.

5. Check on a diet: 

Keeping a check on your diet will also help reduce extra fats from hips and thighs. Rather than taking full meal three times, it’s better to take small portions of meals 6-7 times in a day. This will prevent your body from storing fats. Also, stop taking excess fried food and have light dinners.

6. Use right cooking oil: 

You need to check out on the oil you are using for cooking. Olive oil and vegetable-based oils are good. Cooking in Desi ghee or butter should be avoided.
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Enjoy a Healthy Living

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