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Thursday, 22 October 2015

Indian Cricketers and their Hobbies

Indian Cricketers and their Hobbies

In this list, let us go through the hobbies of various Indian cricketers:
 1) Sachin tendulkar
Well did you know, the Master-Blaster apart from loving his first choice cricket, is also affectionate towards playing table-tennis!
He listens to music whenever he gets free time and also is fond of tasting various famous cuisines of the world.
He definitely has a rich taste!
2)  MS Dhoni
Apart from his beautiful wife Sakshi and cute baby daughter Ziva, Captain Cool is in a serious relationship with his PSP ! Wherever he travels, he always carries his PSP with him as he is just crazy about video games.
And when it comes to television, Mahi is a keen watcher of the History Channel.
Interesting, a person who creates history also loves to watch history!
3) Sourav Ganguly

A self-confessed lover of football, the Prince of Calcutta is very much passionate about soccer since his school days. If not cricketer, he definitely would have been a footballer but fewer prospects of the sport forced him otherwise.
But now that he is the co-owner of the ISL franchise Atletico de Kolkata, that definitely gave him a chance to reunite with his ‘first love’.
Come on Dada, lets football!
4) Rahul Dravid and VVS Laxman

Two of the most profilic batsmen of our country share the same hobby just like the solid partnerships they used to have in the field.
They both love to read lots and lots of books and derive knowledge from them.
Intellectual in the field, intellectual in real life too!
5) Anil Kumble

As most of you know, ‘Jumbo’ is severely addicted to photography! Just give him a camera and he will start clicking pictures!
From wildlife to urban canvases, he has done it all !
6) Yuvraj Singh

 Whenever Yuvi checks in a hotel, the first thing he enquires is whether the hotel is equipped with a tennis court or not ! The reason is whenever he gets a chance, he likes to sweat it on the tennis court as its his favourite pass time !
Care for a Grandslam appearance Yuvi ?
7) Virender Sehwag

 In his prime, Virender Sehwag used to be the ‘baap’ of all entertainers in the cricket field. He used to turn on the heat in the cricket field with his destructive batting which we all loved to enjoy. What we did not know that to seek solace, he used to engage in playing video games and listened to songs.
Viru, Sabki bajate raho !
8) Gautam Gambhir, Rohit Sharma and Robin Uthappa

You might be thinking that the only possible connection between all these players are that they wear the same blue jersey of Team India. Well there is also another thread that connects the above cricketers and that is they all are crazy about fast games in PSP !
Thank god, sorry technology for creating play stations !
9)  Piyush Chawla

Piyush loves to chat horribly ! So much is his love for chatting that he carries not one, but two mobile phones always !
Can we call you chatter-box, Piyush?
10) Ishant Sharma
The internet is the best friend of the towering pacer! He always loves to surf the net and was previously very much attached to orkut, which was later replaced by facebook !

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