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Sunday, 4 October 2015

Is Honey combined with ghee, a dangerous poison?

Is Honey combined with ghee, a dangerous poison?

Equal quantities by weight of ghee and honey are a bad combination as ghee is cooling, but honey is heated.
Honey is a complex polysaccharide which requires special enzymes to break it down to be used as simple sugars and ghee is a complex chain of fatty acids, which requires emulsification and action oflipase and other lipid breaking enzymes. When these enzymes interact with one another within our GI tract, it leads to indigestion and formation of aroma (आमं) and can cause accumulation of free radicals within our systems which is the cause of many an illness including cancers.

The Ancient Ayurvedic texts have clearly cautioned against an equal composition of ghee and honey. The Vagbhatastates that it leads to immense vata prakopa (wind aggravation); the Charaka calls it maatra virudha (incompatible due to the equal quantity); and the Sushruta calls it maana viruddha (incompatible due to the equal measure).

Regular intake of Viruddha ahara (incompatible foods), aggravates the doshasmoves the doshasthem from its place (doshamutkleshya), and prevents its expulsion from the body. This kind of aggravated doshas combines with the dhatusand causes diseases like boils, abdominal tumors, fever, skin diseases, digestive disorders, urinary disorders, piles, reduced strength (physical and immunity), etc. And is considered a poison that can also lead to death.
So practically when using honey and ghee for Anupana (with some other herbs), use unequal parts of honey and ghee, e.g.- for kapha, use more honey than ghee, and for vata and pitta, use more ghee than honey.

Source curejoy.com

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