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Thursday, 8 October 2015

She Woke Up To A Creepy Noise In Her Room, When She Sees What It Is? Her Reaction Is HILARIOUS!

I'm not afraid to admit it -- I'm terrified of the dark. I have a lamp on my bedside table, and on more than one occasion I've used it as a night-light because I was too scared to sleep in the dark. Go ahead and judge, but it's a common fact that evil ghosts can't get you when the light it is on! 
I can't imagine waking up to a creepy noise, only to see a ghostly figure appear before my eyes -- it seems like something straight out of Paranormal Activity. However, Jesse, from Prank Vs Prank decided to make that nightmare come true for his sleeping girlfriend, Jeana. While she was sleeping he set up a projector to display an extremely creepy, and very realistic looking ghost, and scared the shit out of Jeana. I almost feel bad for laughing, but this was absolutely hilarious!

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