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Sunday, 25 October 2015

SHOCKING: Auto Driver Infects 300 Women With HIV

SHOCKING: Auto Driver Infects 300 Women With HIV

Can you believe the humanity has degraded to such an extent that people can go to any height just for the sake of their own pleasure? Here we are talking about a 31-year auto driver who also happens to be HIV-positive. The shocking incident took place in Hyderabad where an autorickshaw driver stunned the cop by admitting that he deliberately made relations with more than 300 females of whom a large number was of prostitutes.
It so happened that police took him into custody in the case of theft and while interrogating, cop came to know that the driver was engaged in insecure physical relationship with a number of women incorporating some housewives subsequent to knowing that he is HIV-Positive, as per the reports of TOI.
The matter outspread due to the complain of a software engineer who brought into light the case of theft of around 60g gold jewelry from his home at the time when the engineer along with his wife had been out for work. Merwya Carl handed over home keys to his friends of whom one was this autorickshaw driver.
The auto driver has reportedly admitted of having done it plus the valuables have also been recovered from him. But revelations he made on further interrogation will shock you to the core!!
“He also confessed that he has been suffering from HIV disease, which he came to know about several months ago. The auto driver also claimed he visits prostitutes daily and has illicit affairs with several other women, with whom he practiced unsafe sex even after realizing about his disease,” Khaja Moinuddin, Uppal inspector (Detective), stated.
The driver had been remanded to legal custody.
According to New Indian Express, he made up his mind to “live life to the fullest” when he came to know about his disease. Even though the driver got wed three times, all his wives left him.
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