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Tuesday, 3 November 2015

10 Most Commonly Asked Question By Men About Sex

Yeah!! Its A Boy Thing!! And Yes even men talk about S*X!!!

At some point of time there arises a situation where men faces troubles and gets doubts about his S*X Life!! There are many questions which bud up in his mind when it comes to S*X! And Internet, Friends, Doctors Etc come to their rescue during those crucial times. Today we bring you 10 Such common questions out of many such questions which Men usually come across and need an answer for about S*X!!

1. How can we get back the thrill in our intimate life that used to be there in the beginning?

2. How do I tell her that I want her to be more adventurous in bed?

3. And if I do ask her, what can she do to make it more thrilling?

4. If she doesn’t want to do it from behind and I want to. How do I ask her to give it a try without putting any pressure on her ?

5. How can I persuade her to do it more often with me?

Just like this!

6. How would I know if she is faking an orgasm? And why can’t she get it?

7. How can I improve my skills of oral intimacy?

8. At times I finish too early but most of the times, I don’t. Why does it happen?

9. And sometimes I can’t finish at all while we are doing it.

Is something wrong with me?

10. How would I know if she thinks that my private part is too small?

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