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Monday 9 November 2015

10 Reasons Why Apple Is Still The King Of Smart Phone Market.

10 Reasons Why Apple Is Still The King Of Smart Phone Market.

1. Better design
There aren’t many good – looking phones out there. Many are plasticky and chunky.
2. Fingerprint sensor
Some Android phone makers like HTC and Samsung tried adding fingerprint sensors, but none of them are as accurate and useful as the TouchID sensor on the iPhone.

4. FaceTime
The FaceTime is the next big benefit to iPhone users, which enables video chat with the front facing camera. Previously it was possible only with Wi-Fi connections, but now you can make video calls over cellular data.
4. Great cameras
Produces pleasing images with color perfection – generation after generation. It gives warmer outdoor shots when taken in direct sunlight.
5. Up – to – date software update
About once a year, a new version of Android is released by Google, just what the apple does. But many Android users will not be able to get the latest software unless they get a new mobile.
6. Apple pay
Apple is the only company that has introduced an easy- to – use mobile payment platform that’s accepted by a lot of major retailers. Plus, its support all major credit cards.

7. Best customer support
Where will you go if you have any issue with your Android device?
It’s their carrier, for many people. But they don’t have the same kind of support Apple offers at an Apple store.

8. Soon, you will be able to control a lot more stuffs from your iPhone in your home
Smart phone platform HomeKit will become more famous this year as device inventors has decided to make new gizmos that work with it.
9. Family sharing
Apple added a new feature with iOS 8 that lets you share the same books, apps and other content across a wide range of devices with your own family members. Users can also restrict certain app in case they are not suitable for younger members.
10. Easy to use
The iPhone remains the easiest phone to use by far, despite all the promises given by Android makers to streamline their skins. There is no annoying overlay to get in the way and no separate app drawer for all the apps.

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