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Wednesday, 11 November 2015

10 Reasons Why You Should Never Miss Your First College Trip

10 Reasons Why You Should Never Miss Your First College Trip

The first college trip is always the best ‘First’ experience of your new college life, and the most exciting way to start new friendships. Here are some reasons why you should NEVER EVER miss the First one !!!

1) New Beginnings !

Its technically the first time that you get to experience being around your new friends, watching them in their pyjamas’, playing ‘ Antakshari ‘, and having fun.

2) Helps to Strengthen Bonds –

Nothing helps more to solidify a bond, than sharing a room, staying up all night and sleeping in the same beds.

3) Fresh Gossip –

Missing your first college trip, you’re probably ending up missing a lot of information about ‘who’ like/hates ‘who’ and what is all to follow.

4) First-Time Scandals !!

All the mishaps that take place in your first college trip set the benchmark for the next three years. It’s like a fest of scandals and your friends never stop talking about these crazy times, so it’s better if you’re a part of them.

5) Finding your pals –

The first college trip somehow ends up deciding which group you belong to, or what people you hang out with, and if you miss that, you can end up feeling left out. So better jump up on that train and get going !!!

6) Mushy – Mushy ….

First college trip can be the best chance for you to personally approach the ‘one’ that you’ve been eyeing ever since you started college. It helps you get along with people you want to, in a much stress-free and merry environment.

7) Bonding with Seniors –

We all know how awkward it can get for Freshers to approach and talk to their Seniors, but all of this becomes way easier, if you’re all sitting around a Bonfire, spilling out ghost stories and having fun.

8) Realization that School is Over.

A college trip differs a lot from our School trips, a legacy that we leave behind, and teaches us to be responsible while enjoying ourselves to the fullest.

9) Opportunity to Open Up –

If you’re an introvert, who’s just looking for a chance to become social and experience college life…. pack your bags, and catch that bus !

10) A Bucket full of Memories !!

Your first college trip will always be the most special part of your college life. Everyone’s new, everyone’s scared and everyone wants to have fun ! It’s the ‘kick-start’ point of a new life and will bring tears to your eyes, every time you remember it.