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Sunday, 8 November 2015

11 Incredible Qualities of People Born in November

People born in November are very tricky people and they are unique. The majority of their characteristics depend upon how they want to live their life.

1. Secretive

 They are secretive and mysterious in nature. They do not really reveal themselves and it can be very tricky to understand them. They are not transparent and understandable.

2. Can Convince People Pretty Easily

 They have immense power to convince others. They can even convince others to do wrong things. This is one of the dangerous powers they have. If properly used, it can take them a long way. However, if misused, it can be devastating.

3.  Talented

 They are very talented and intelligent by birth. They have the logical and scientific mind and can become hugely successful if they do justice to their talent.

4. They Can Be Destructive

 One of the biggest drawbacks they have is to be destructive. They can destroy everything that they have created within minutes. It is not only true with materials but also with emotional things like a relationship.

5. Fearless

 They are literally fearless. They do not fear anything instead they can be as firm and strong as they can be. The people born in November are those who do not even fear death.

6.  Jealous

 They can be very jealous and hostile at times. They know their strength and weakness and if they find someone better than them, they can be very jealous.

7. Magnetic Personality

 People born in November have magnetic personalities. They are very appealing and attractive in nature. They are not only magnetic with their appearance but also in their behavior. They remain the attraction point in others life

8. Sensual and Beautiful

 They are very sensual in nature. The beautiful physical appearance is an added advantage they have in their life. The immense quality and attractive nature make them person to watch for.

9. They Can come in Rage

 They can be very angry and come in rage. They are among very few people who can crave for revenge if you have done wrong to them. Sometimes they become just so furious for revenge. However, if they can control their feeling then it becomes one of the most positive attributes in their life. It, in fact, translates to strong determination and will power.

10. They Are Successful if They Are In Control

 They have immense quality and talent to be successful. However, they often get distracted by the negative traits they have. But if they control their feeling and negative aspects, then they can be as successful as no one.

11. Committed And Hardworking

Delay and errors are what they hate. They are very particular about things be it in relationships or at work and they make sure all their tasks are done on time. Though they also turn a little impatient sometime but yes when you do not comprise on your work it is fair to demand the same from others too !

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