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Sunday, 1 November 2015

12 Halloween Pranks To Add Some Tricks To Your Treat

I adore Halloween. The costumes, the candy, the crazy decorations on the houses in my neighborhood.
But there is one tragedy that I've noticed over the past few years. There are far more treats than there are tricks.
No one wants to be scared anymore! That "trick" part of "trick or treat" has become completely meaningless.
Well, I say it's time to bring it back. And these people have come up with some "killer" ways of doing that.

1. Absolutely terrifying.

Haunt the dreams of your entire family with this amazing prank. Just place your face against some glass, take a picture, print it, laminate it and stick it in a giant jar in the fridge. Then wait for the inevitable screams and swearing.

2. The dead get hungry too.

I'm not sure how they drove the car... but I'm happy they figured it out.

3. What the eff is up there...?

Whether they've seen The Grudge or The Exorcist, this prank will paralyze your friends with fear.

4. Oh my sweet Lord.

Please make sure your prankee won't slip in the shower/bathtub before performing this prank. They'll be super mad. But they'll be furious at number six!

5. Do I... do I honk?

On the one hand, this could be an awesome prank. On the other, you may need to call the police.

6. This is just mean.

As a candy lover, I am offended by this prank. But it's still pretty awesome

7. One word: dedication.

How long was he in the water for?

8. You'll either laugh or cry.

Well, I don't have to pee any more. I won't have to if you try number nine either.

9. Cruel. This is just cruel.

Now this. This is SERIOUSLY scary.

10. Your poor mother.

She must have an amazing sense of humor, or you have a 10-point plan on how to make it up to her.

11. Lesson learned.

Never, ever help women. Ever. #WhyINeedFeminism

12. Yes.

This would thoroughly trip out my friends. And it would work even better the drunker they became. Prank perfection.

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