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Friday, 20 November 2015

12 Incredibly Successful Medical Surgeries Will Make You Believe In Science!

12 Incredibly Successful Medical Surgeries Will Make You Believe In Science!
We humans are a class of individuals. As humans we have developed modern technologies, we’ve found out about planets and that means we gave an intellectual insight to our minds. Think deeply that few centuries ago, when humans were not as successful as now, minor harm or damage to the human body could result in death!
Nowadays the doctors can incredibly cure the most dangerous and brutal diseases and not only this but they can also change almost every feature of physical appearance.
Surgeons are successfully performing most medical procedures that would be considered as a magic trick hundred years ago! Due to these successful surgeries, surgeons are able to completely remove most of the uncontrollable and hurtful cancers. Moreover, researchers are continuously moving forward to find out that how can they resolve the unsolvable problems.
There is a lot more to be appreciated! Check this incredible list of some of the successful medical surgeries.

1. His head was about to cut off!

A young boy Jordon Taylor survived a car crash in 2008. Doctor’s incredibly reattached his head with some titanium rods and metal plates. How lucky!

2. After splitting in half, this man can walk once again!

How awesome! A team of 20 doctors secured Pend Shulin’s torso with skin grafted from his head and he was able to walk again with bionic legs.

3. Surgeons rebuild her body as a normal human being!

Lakshmi Tatma had 8 limbs when she was born. It was understood that she could never walk! However 30 genius surgeons were successful to remove extra legs from her body during 27 hours surgery. Lakshmi’s organs were repaired as well.

4. A man got pregnant with fetus!

Sanju Bhagat had hard time breathing due to growth of fetus in his stomach! Isn’t this scary!

5. This baby was born twice!

A baby of Keri and Chad was diagnosed with the tumor before her birth. The doctors knew for sure how to fix that. They removed 80% of the baby from the womb, surgically remove the tumor and eventually returned the baby.

6. Metal Made Model!

Teenage Katrina Burgess was 17, when she was hit in 70mph car crash and was survived with broken back, neck and couple of more injuries. The doctors used 11 metal rods and bunch of pins and screws to put her together again!

7. Can someone live without a heart? Yes she did!

D’Zhana Simmons’s heart surgery was unsuccessful at the first attempt! Until the next transplant, surgeons were forced to find out the solution. So doctors replaced her heart with two artificial pumps that were performing the function of a heart for four months! Unbelievable!

8. The implantation of a tooth made him to see again!

Martin jones, 42-year-old man, was not able to see, when a tub of white-hot aluminum burst in his face and destroyed his one eye vision! The complex surgery of tooth implant repaired Jones vision ability. How impressive!

9. Her husband shot her on face!

Unfortunately, the husband of Connie Culp shot her on the face! Luckily under the extensive care of surgeons and after 30 surgeries, doctors changed the shape of her face and now she can taste her food, smell and can talk as well.

10. After a brutal attack of a shark! Man’s hand was reattached!

Huge white shark attacked Glenn Orgias while he was surfing at Sydney’s Bondi Beach. His hand was hardly attached with his body, when he reached to the emergency room. It was so fortunate for him, that he came on time and gave a chance to the doctors to reattach his hand safely.

11. Electrodes brought the life of a man back!

A 38-year-old patient from a near vegetative state was not able to communicate or coordinate. After the electrode treatment, this brain-injured patient was able to brush his hair and also was able to talk to his doctors and parents with recognition.

12. Girl recovered with superglue!

Ella- Grace Honeyman was born with brain aneurysms! She had weak spots in her blood vessels. The doctors used medical superglue to patch up the holes. This was one of the most successful procedures that gave her healthy and safe life!

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