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Tuesday, 3 November 2015

12 Times We Could Totally Relate To Disney Characters

 There have been a lot of images running around on the interweb lately about Disney princesses and how they should look in "reality."
But honestly, there are a number of moments in pretty much every Disney movie where I thought, "Been there."
Sure, their skin may be flawless, their waists may be small and their dresses top notch (seriously... want), but there are some real struggles that every one can relate to.
Don't believe me? Read on.

1. Trying to figure out what the eff to do with our hair after getting out of the water.

2. Avoiding people is a regular occurrence in my life. Over it.

3. You wear your makeup to bed and sleep like a corpse when your new bae stays over so they think you always look that awesome.

4. "Don't come in, I'm changing," seems to translate to "Hurry up and come in before I put clothes on!"

5. Wanting to drop a KILLER line to every ex we've ever had...and then knock 'em out.

6. How does this still piss me off even when I'm almost 30?!

7. Don't do it...don't do it...MIND CONTROL!eff.

8. When we check ourselves out, but there's always the one area that looks a little...soft.

9. Every single time I try to work out.

10. When you wear pants with the wrong damn underwear and you're itchy AF!

11. Don't touch my face. Ever. Personal... space.

12. Me every night. Blonde-girl problems. #noeyelashes

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